This is only a Test

This is a test of the MoonCatRescue key burning vote interface connected to a contract on the Ropsten Testnet

This vote is Not Binding this is Only a Test

To access the contract you will need to select the Ropsten Testnet in MetaMask. You will need testnet ETH, which you can obtain from a faucet. Note: many of the etherscan links, like those that appear in voting notifications, will go to the etherscan mainnet site and you won't see the transaction. Just prefix the url with ropsten.[rest of url] and it should work.

You can only vote with an eligible address which should be any address which interacted with either the original MoonCatRescue contract, or the main Wrapped MoonCatRescue contract prior to Block #12047300

For this test We ask you to vote randomly as this is intended as a technical test, and not a gauge of sentiment.

Assuming no serious issues are discovered, the real vote will begin on Saturday March 20, 2021 at approximately 12:00 (noon) UTC. Voting will remain open for 48 hours.